The TPD and our E-Liquid

Tuesday, 15 November 2016  |  Admin

November 2016 is here and with it the dreaded Tobacco Products Directive.

Below is a newsletter explaining this in more detail.

It is in pdf form so if you wish to view it click the image below.

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A company you can trust

1 CommentWednesday, 20 July 2016  |  Admin


At Vaping King

we are taking the TPD seriously.


Quality materials

We only use pharma grade nicotine, PG / VG.


Lab testing  / MHRA

We have already sent several flavours to the lab to be tested.
As soon as we get them back we will be sharing this information with you, the customer.

We are also working hard on making sure that everything is fully compliant and registered with the MHRA by the 20th November this year.
Which in case you didn't know is the official cut off date where all manufacturers and sells need to be registered, allowing them to carry on selling.


We currently have 12 flavours in the lab to be tested, these are our 12 best sellers, so can be assured that no favourites will be lost from the range.

we will obviously in the future be able to bring old favourites back, but at the moment we are trying to concentrate on the core flavours.


The flavours we are hoping to keep are:
Monkey Jizz, Slime, King's Custard, Yorkshire Fog, Jester Juice, Summer Slurp, MDV666, Cherry Bomb, Queens Custard, Merlin, Bean Flicker, A Bloody Good Custard.

If your favourite flavours are not in the list, don't worry. You still have while November to stock up.



Thankyou for reading.

in the mean time, don't forget to visit the site and order your favourite flavours.





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