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Mixing Guidelines

Here are some easy to follow instructions for our mixing kits, you will also receive this in your package:


each 10ml bottle of nicotine will give you 2mg per 100ml
so for example, 3 x 10ml bottles of 20mg nicotine in a 100ml bottle would equate to 6mg final strength.

However if you wish to have a good at mixing yourself the tradition way, here are some guidelines:

All of our concentrates are available in 10ml bottles - enough to mix up 50ml of delicious eliquid when used as 20% of the final mix.

We recommend using single flavours, like Summer Slurp at 20% - but if you fancy trying something a bit different you could use two concentrates each at 10% instead. Slimey Bean Flicker? A Bloody Good Monkey Jizz?

We also recommend using good quality propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine with these concentrates for the best results.

Luckily you can also find these on our website in lovely 250ml bottles.

Although our bottles say to use flavours at 20% some are perfectly fine at 10%. so if you wish to experiment with a smaller percentage first that may be advisable to help spread the flavour a little longer.

If you do not wish to buy the PG/VG from us, although I have no idea why this would be the case ;)
We would suggest a quality supplier for your Nicotine PG/VG, to keep the standard up to what you would expect.
I can personally recommend everything liquid. for a whole range of products to help you on your DIY journey.