Eliquids (Short Fill)

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Gorilla Jizz

Gorilla Jizz£13.99


Banana, Apple, Kiwi and Custard

Jester Juice

Jester Juice£13.99


A blend of the finest fruity flavours

King's Custard

King's Custard£13.99


Creamy sweet vanilla custard

Monkey Jizz

Monkey Jizz£13.99


Creamy banana custard

Royal Custard

Royal Custard£13.99


The creameist sweet vanilla custard there is.




A strong blast of fizzy lime, infused with subtle notes of other citrus fruits and berries.

Slime V2

Slime V2£13.99


A new take on our world famous slime.
Sour lime with berries and citrus fruits.

Summer Slurp

Summer Slurp£13.99


A sweet blend of apple, blackcurrant and Raspberry.

Tropic Slurp

Tropic Slurp£13.99

Summer fruits, and sour pineapple

Yorkshire Fog

Yorkshire Fog£13.99


A creamy, minty taste explosion

A Bloody Good Custard

A Bloody Good Custard£13.99


A Sweet creamy custard with a twist.

Apple Pie & Custard

Apple Pie & Custard£13.99


Sweet apple pie swimming in creamy custard.




Refreshing peppermint infused with raspberry, blackcurrant, and mixed berries.

Bean Flicker

Bean Flicker£13.99


8 delicious fruit flavours, all mixed together.




creamy cappuccino



Sweet creamy caramel. Exactly what it says on the bottle.

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Page 1 of 3:    37 Items